Event Online Store

5k, benefits, Halloween party, product launch, or band tour-- you name it, we can create it. We can set up your store to offer all your event gear in one place. Put your event logo on bike shorts, sweatbands, hats, t-shirts, jackets, beer mugs, water bottles, tank tops, hoodies, and more!

All of these items can be featured in your store and available for purchase with anyone you share the URL to.

Link it to your event website, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Put it on your fliers; the possibilities are endless with our online apparel stores. Simply pick your designs, chose the items and colors you'd like to offer, and leave the rest to us.


Leave the store open for orders year-round or give it a deadline. We can produce and ship the items straight to the customer as the order is placed, or wait until a deadline and supply you with all the products to distribute yourselves.




Step 1

 Send us your logo

 -Provide a vector file and we can resize and recolor it in all the necessary formats for printing or embroidery and for digital proofs in your online store.

-Have multiple designs or marketing ideas? No problem! There's no limit to the number of designs we can offer in your personalized store.



Step 2

Pick your products

 -We will give your access to our entire library of apparel and gifts, you chose which items you'd like to offer and the method and area for an imprint.



Step 3

Pick your timeline

-Link your store to your site permanently or for a pre-determined time frame so customers can purchase your apparel.



Step 4

Start Earning

-Sit back and watch your profits increase. We manage your orders and production and can even ship directly to your customers. All you need to do is sit back and watch everyone rock your event gear with your logo displayed.



Step 5

Tell your friends!

-Once you're enjoying how successful your online store has become, we're sure you'd love to tell your friends how simple it is to create a store of their own. We've made it easy.